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Michael Alter, LCSW


I have done a lot of “talk” therapy. Then moved on to body centered therapy. Then on to energetic healing. This is my third methodology and I am extremely impressed with Dynamic Energy Healing and even more so how Michael Alter uses it in his practice. I have moved rapidly (more than I expected) through a number of issues.



I've been working with Michael Alter for over a year, first intensively, then gradually shifting to once a month. I began treatment due to an out-of-control family member whose behaviors had worn me down into a state of anxiety and depression. Mr. Alter has a remarkable array of methods, skills and tools available to his patients. He is very astute at suggesting and applying them in beneficial ways according to particular circumstances. My experience with Dynamic Energetic Healing, as well as other methods Mr. Alter has used, has been strengthening, empowering and even illuminating. One aspect of DEH that impressed me in particular was the accuracy of muscle testing. I am no longer anxious or depressed, even though my family situation is still not entirely stable. I respect and appreciate that throughout my time working with Michael, he has consistently involved me in treatment choices. I imagine that with his ability to understand a wide variety of life experiences, and also the different ways that people exist and manifest their lives, Michael could offer most patients the particular tool they need, whether it be DEH or something else. I would without reservation recommend the treatment methods Mr. Alter offers, especially to those who wish to go deeper into themselves than may be possible with standard psychology approaches.


I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Michael Alter. Dynamic Energetic Healing changed my life. It helped me focus my energy and inner self into positive intentions. As I began to focus on my intention rather than my problems I noticed my life changing. I was able to draw positive energy into my life and minimize the amount of energy put into negative things. Thank you, Michael!


I had been through years of talk therapy and although it made me feel a little better each time it was a very long and slow process. Then you introduced me to Brainspotting and gently guided me through dealing with some long buried issues that I had never faced or dealt with. I am so thankful for you and that therapy. I now stand tall each and every day knowing that I conquered my fears by safely confronting all those little problems that had been buried for so long. YOU, Michael, saved my life and made me into the happy, healthy woman that I am today. I love my life. Without you I don't know where I'd be. I have had plenty of challenges come up but I always think back to how I used to deal with things and I now know that I have the tools to take on anything.


I have done a lot of "talk" therapy. Then moved on to body centered therapy. Then on to energetic healing. I am extremely impressed with the energy healing techniques and even more so how Michael Alter uses it in his practice. I have moved rapidly (more than I expected) through a number of issues.


I began treatment due to an out of control family member whose behaviors had worn me down into a state of anxiety and depression. Mr. Alter has an array of methods, skills, and tools available to his patients. He is very astute at suggesting and applying them in beneficial ways according to particular circumstances. My experience with the energy work as well as other methods Mr. Alter used has been strengthening, empowering, and even illuminating. I am no longer anxious and depressed even though my family situation is still not entirely stable. I respect and appreciate that throughout my time working with Michael he consistently involved me in treatment choices. He understands a wide variety of life experiences and different ways people manifest their lives. I would without reservation recommend the treatment methods Mr. Alter offers, especially for those who want to go deeper into themselves than may be possible with standard psychology approaches.



Lesley Alter, LCSW

Brainspotting is a powerful tool for understanding yourself because the knowledge rises up from within instead of you trying to work around all the barriers you have so carefully constructed. This type of therapy gives you the opportunity to revisit your past and give yourself the comfort, advice and confidence you need.


I have suffered regular bouts of depression for the past twenty-five years, accompanied by low self-confidence, irritability, introversion, and shame. Traditional "talk" therapy has moderated these symptoms, but I have always felt as if I was just scratching the surface. My depression always returned, often with a vengeance. After several sessions of Brainspotting, I feel like a different person. Brainspotting brought me back in touch with emotions and past experiences that I had never allowed myself to fully confront. And each time I left Lesley's office, I felt like I had dropped a weight that I had been carrying around for years. I have a new confidence with people. I don't constantly doubt and question myself. Without bitterness, I realize that everything is not my fault, I no longer settle for surviving, and feel that I have the potential to thrive. I don't think I ever believed that I could truly be happy. But now I do.


I found the Brainspotting work with Lesley to be a powerful experience. In one session, I was able to go to the core of an old stuck pattern that kept recycling for years. Since then I have felt lighter, re-vitalized and more confident to move forward; making significant changes in my life. Lesley's insightful questions encouraged the answers to come from within rather than telling me what to do. I left her office feeling empowered and back on track.

-M. Simon

Hello, I'm doing really good. I am not sure where to start, I feel so different about myself, my family, the past and present...I trust (my mother) more now, there was a sense of distrust before and I didn't realize it. I feel more loving towards my husband and I feel worthy of his love. Although it hasn't taken all of my want to fight with him away, I feel like I am more patient and I am more happy. I am able to connect more with my babies, I didn't think that was possible, but because I feel better about myself it allows me to feel love towards them so much more. I appreciate other peoples' processes more than I used to and I feel more allowing towards my friends and what they are going through. I think about my child self and I like her instead of just sensing darkness. I am even starting to get a sense that my child self and I are the same person and that feels really correct and joyful. I feel less resentful about my pregnancy and what I went through. I feel optimistic about the future, clearer minded and I have had no TMJ pain since our session.

Thank you!


I am grateful for my sessions with Lesley. I was not familiar with Brainspotting and Energy work. But it's concept made sense to me and I was open to try(ing) it. After months of feeling stuck in a state of sadness, chronic negative thinking, and an overall lack of motivation, I began noticing a sense of feeling "lighter" after working with Lesley. Gradually, I began to feel like my better self again, the negative thinking subsided, and my energy level increased. I believe the techniques Lesley uses are very effective and helped me heal from some deep-seated emotions and beliefs.


After a shocking end to my 11 year old marriage. I was wrestling with depression, low self-esteem, betrayal and anger. I found this anger at my ex seeping into my daily interactions, and worried this would soon impact my young children. My life had abruptly changed, and I sought out Lesley to help me understand and cope with these issues. The Energy Psychology work and talk therapy helped me to cope with the emotions and logistics of my new life so that I didn't feel so out of control.

The true breakthrough and healing, however, came through Brainspotting. It was Brainspotting that enabled me to see what I needed to deal with in the current moment. I discovered quite unexpectedly that I had unresolved issues from an abusive former relationship, and that I carried around sexual shame due to seemingly harmless interactions with my father when I was younger. What comes up in Brainspotting is what needs to come up-I was unable to hide from it. I had lived so long by "powering through" life that I wouldn't have been able to get to these issues through other methods; I kept blocking my own progress. Once these issues came up in Brainspotting, I was liberated from them. The stuck feeling I carried around like an anvil on my chest is gone; I now, at 41, feel healthier and more balanced than ever.

I recommend this therapy to anyone seeking true healing from within.


After two Brainspotting sessions my level of fear began to fade, the change was subtle but very real. I'm no longer fearful of the unknown like I was before my work with Lesley. To anyone who is unsure of trying this technique I say be open minded. It's one of the best things that's happened to me. I'm stronger and more confident than I have ever been.


After years of trying different therapeutic modalities to deal with depression and unresolved childhood issues, I found Ms. Lesley Alter who was familiar with the technique Brainspotting. That technique, suggested to me by another psychotherapist, was extremely beneficial.

I discovered I was able to access long ignored emotions during the very first session. Ms. Alter guided me while I paid attention to any feelings of distress within my body. Once there, I was able to release memories and thoughts that no longer served me. Although intense, I learned how to re-center by visually redirecting my eyes to a space that provided a sense of calm.

This process and Ms. Alter's quiet reassurance gave me a tool to use in my everyday life. I now notice when I am beginning to lose myself and know how to find my center. After just ten sessions, I feel a lightness and clarity that has long avoided me. I recommend Ms. Alter and Brainspotting to anyone who feels they still have "work" to do. It is effective. It is safe. It works.


I was skeptical at first when going back into therapy-I have participated in talk therapy for years to no avail. I was through reliving my childhood and simply talking about my issues. I wanted to do a more active therapy so Lesley taught me the tapping technique. I used it at first to deescalate when I was feeling emotionally charged and negative and after a few sessions I began to realize the changes I could initiate in myself through this sort of mind-body connection. I began to open up to alternative therapies and the potential they have to help alleviate psychological suffering. After approximately two sessions with Lesley we discussed using Brainspotting to help me eradicate my guilt and shame surrounding my past. I was almost completely on board but slightly skeptical because of my lack of success with prior therapies. However, I was ready to take action to work through my problems. As we moved through the session...I was surprised to notice no feelings of guilt-the overwhelming feelings I experienced prior to Brainspotting were gone. Not just diminished, but I felt a sense of acceptance, almost indifference to the events that had caused me to feel such shame. I've never achieved such results from talk therapy and although I still have much progress to make, I feel I am back on my intended path and I have been able to relinquish control over my life as I haven't been able to before. I attribute much of my inner peace to the tapping and Brainspotting work I did with Lesley and I recommend these active therapies to anyone wiling and ready to do the work it takes to regain health.


Lesley is a very talented energy-work specialist and her expertise helped me a lot in tangible ways. She's great at what she does and is always willing to work with you to find ways to help you heal.



"I came to Lesley with a very sad demeanor-a heavy heart-and feeling quite hopeless. After just one session I was much happier and lighter and after the second session I was back into being light-hearted, happy, hopeful, positive and able to move forward in my goals again. This energy work moves quickly in clearing the psyche! I highly recommend at least two sessions with Lesley to alleviate that feeling of "being stuck and not knowing how to get free"! It worked for me."

Gabriela Kandziora


“I have to admit I was skeptical about all this, especially after the first session. That being said, I have been in and out of counseling since I was sixteen and I have never had this rapid of result. It truly is amazing. I noticed people’s responses/perceptions of me changing as I began to feel better. I would recommend this to people who need to make quick changes, especially those who have already done “traditional” work, and have returned.”


“I was skeptical as anyone could be when Lesley suggested using “energy work” during my sessions. Seven months later, I am a much more content person who is enjoying life for the first time in a long while. And my only explanation for what’s taken place is the work I’ve done with Lesley. After doing the energy work, my occasional session of “traditional” psychology, sitting there and venting about life seem aimless and fruitless. I would encourage anyone who’s struggling with life to give Lesley’s methods a try. Plus, she’s just a really cool, down-to-earth person.”


“My experience with energy work through Lesley’s sessions has been very positive. Although I don’t completely understand the concepts, the results are noticeable. I feel that using this technique bypassed a lot of my mental chatter and got to the core of certain challenges that I was experiencing. I am reaping the benefits of being open-minded enough to try something different and beyond my capacity to grasp completely. I would recommend this to anyone willing to give it a shot.”

Jennifer Crow

“The following is my assessment of “Emotional Freedom Technique”: My PTSD began when I was a child about 5 or 7. I suffered many traumatizing events during the following 68 years. Life was black in my mind. I had but a small awareness of life about me. For years, I had been to mental health workers to no avail. Then I met Lesley Alter, LCSW. After several months, she said she was excited about a new technique for healing. I began the “Emotional Freedom Techniques” under her care. One by one the built-up hatred, anger, self-destructive, guilt of past traumas etc. would heal. I was in awe, as subsequent sessions would heal the emotionally traumatized events. One by one the healing continued. In all my life I have never experienced life as stemming from within. Instead I was reacting to my traumas and the problems they generated. Therapy became a healing from within and about me. Now I feel the unbelievable. As I fondly referred to this process, “this stuff is unbelievable.”

C. Mussler

“The energy work I did with Lesley gave me control I didn’t know I had. I have very clear emotional boundaries with my family I never had. Before the work I was like a lake waiting for a stone to be thrown and have the uncontrollable emotional waves to weather. With my boundaries the tides have changed and I stop them at the source.”

J.S. Lynn

“Thank you for meeting with me recently to teach me energy techniques to help me more effectively handle the anxiety related to my impending surgery. The tapping technique you chose to help me was extremely effective. I used the technique while conjuring up the anxiety filled images in my mind. As I tapped, the images slowly faded to white. Now, several weeks later, I can hardly visualize the negative images, instead I continue to see only white. The fear and anxiety related to those images is no longer a part of me because the images themselves no longer have a hold. The effect of this tapping technique is so dramatic that it is almost impossible to believe. Because of you and your expertise, I can now enter into this very stressful period in my life with a sense of peace. I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

Rena Fox

“My experience with Lesley’s Energy Psychology was positive. I never knew we carried so much energy and how it truly effects us. The techniques that Lesley used were extremely helpful in ways I couldn’t have imagined. The emotions I felt helped me deal with the issues at hand. Understanding the high and low levels of energy made me see what was happening in this positive experience. By allowing myself to fully open up to this kind of therapy, helped me overcome what I was dealing with. It was also nice not to have to just talk, that there were other alternatives that can help. This was a good experience-glad I was open to it.”



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