Karen Risch, MA, RN, LPCAShe/her

I like to help people connect with, strengthen, and expand their authentic self. I work with clients to increase awareness of the familial and cultural beliefs they may have unconsciously absorbed, but which may not serve them well now. I especially enjoy facilitating groups, and working with couples and families to dissolve misunderstandings and increase intimacy. We have entered a period of expanding consciousness requiring changes that provoke a lot of anxiety for people. I like to amplify creativity and humor wherever possible.

I work primarily from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model, but incorporate aspects of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), attachment, and family systems theory, among other therapeutic orientations, in my practice. I completed a master’s degree with a focus upon marriage and family, and community-based counseling at California State University Northridge. Shortly afterwards, I moved to Oregon to enjoy hiking, wildlife, rain, and shorter commutes. I completed a nursing degree in Oregon and practiced as a psychiatric RN. Along the way, I acquired specialized knowledge of trauma, dementia, medical and medication issues, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, and depression. When not working, I enjoy singing and playing music with friends at jams, and planning for a permaculture intentional community.

Teletherapy and in-person. Not accepting Kaiser clients.

(971) 340-8667 in the Tigard office.

(503) 286-7909 (fax)