Philosophy and Approach

Counseling offers tremendous potential for healing and growth for all people. My sessions combine powerful experiential techniques with grounding dialogue to cultivate healing and personal transformation. Together, we bring our full presence to this process and establish a safe and supportive environment that fosters lasting life changes. In committing to our work together, you begin to take active steps toward experiencing the life that you wish to have. Drawing from a wide variety of interventions, philosophies and pedagogies, my approach is completely individualized to each person, situation and context. I work with all ages and demographics of people. I offer individual, group, family and couples therapy sessions. My work takes place in the office, in the community, on the phone and online via teleconference. My style is open, direct, kind and patient.

Formal Training and Education

I am an experienced clinician with over 18 years of experience in the field serving a wide variety of people. I hold a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, PhD (ABD) in Integrative Mental Health, MA in Teaching, Certificate in Hypnotherapy and a Certificate in Spiritual Guidance. My approach is integral and holistic, and I value all paths to healing and growth. In addition to transpersonal and integral psychology, I have additional expertise with motivational interviewing, assertive engagement, strength based treatment strategies, trauma informed care, depth psychology, collaborative problem solving, dialectical behavioral interventions, the stages of change model, meditation, mindfulness, imagery and hypnotherapy. Further, as a condition of my licensure with the state of Oregon, I am required to participate in ongoing continuing education.

(971) 276-3554 in the Ivanhoe office
(503) 286-7909 (fax)